Bury FC – The Trust Staff

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Sian Godwyn | Community Manager

Started: Started in 2011 as a Casual Coach then progressed to Manager at the Trust.
Previous Experience: Worked across the world with different organisations delivering Sport to the local communities as a volunteer from 2005.
Key Qualification:  MA in Sports Management, BA in Sports Development with Inclusion, FA level 2 and Mod 1, Volleyball Level 2, Coaching Blind Football, Coaching Disabled Football, Welfare Officer Course.
Contact Details: Sian.Godwyn@buryfc.co.uk | 0161 641 3862.

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Rick Lee | Primary Stars Manager

Started: October 2015.
Previous Experiences: Schools Sports Coach for 15 years working for various companies including Teamtheme, OneGoal and around the world for First Choice.
Key Qualifications: BAHons Sports Development and Coaching,  Physical Education and School Sport Level 3, Creative Coaching Level 2, Street Soccer Level 2, FA Football Level 2, Dodgeball Level 2, Primary Gymnastics Teachers Award.
Contact Details: Rick.Lee@buryfc.co.uk | 0161 641 3862.


Lewis Marno |School sports Officer

Started: September 2015.
Previous Experiences: Started at The Football College in September 2013. Gained employment through an apprenticeship with Bury FC  – The Trust in 2015 and started full employment in 2016.
Key Qualifications: BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sports & Excellence, FA Level 2 Coach, UKDBA Level 2, NVQ Level 3 in Sports Development.
Contact Details: Lewis.Marno@buryfc.co.uk | 0161 641 3863.


Ciaran Spencer |School sports Officer

Started: September 2017.
Previous Experiences: Worked for Wigan athletics for 4 years working alongside the community
Key Qualifications: Foundation Degree in Football Coaching and Development, FA Level 2 Coach.
Contact Details: Ciaran.Spencer@buryfc.co.uk | 0161 641 3862

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Donna Godwyn |Specialist Projects Manager

Started: September 2016
Previous Experiences: Casual Coach for Bury FC – The Trust as well as working in Inclusion Development at Bolton Community Trust 2015-16.
Key Qualifications: FA level 2 Coach, Dodgeball level 2, Coaching Blind Football, Coaching Disabled Football. FA Mod 1.
Contact Details: Donna.Godwyn@buryfc.co.uk| 0161 641 3862

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Paul Chandler |Specialist Projects Officer

Started: Volunteer in 2014 for 3 years then gained employment in 2017.
Previous Experiences: Volunteer Disability sports coach.
Key Qualifications: FA Level 1 Football, FA Emergency Aid, FA Safeguarding Children, Coaching Dodgeball Level 2. 
Contact Details: paul.chandler.buryfc@gmail.com | 0161 641 3862

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George Duxbury | Football Development Officer

Started: August 2017.
Previous Experiences: Completed 5 years working within Manchester City football clubs community departments working in a number of different projects within the scheme.
Key Qualifications: Current UEFA B candidate, FA referee qualified, FA coaching the disabled footballer award, FA Youth award 2, Boxercise Level 2, Dodgeball Level 2, Multi sports Level 2, Nutrition & Healthy eating Level 2, Tennis Level 1, Gymnastics Level 1
Contact Details: George.Duxbury@buryfc.co.uk | 0161 641 3862

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Nikita Heywood | Office Administrator

Started: December 2016
Previous Experiences: Customer Service Assistant in an Estate Agents.
Key Qualifications: Working Towards a Level 2 in Activity Leisure and Employment awareness.
Contact Details: Nikita.Heywood@buryfc.co.uk| 0161 641 3862

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